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It is located in the heart of Athens and very close to Ermou Str., the most commercial road in city. There in a quiet alley of 100m, between Acropolis and Monastiraki, just a breath away from Syntagma Sq. and Plaka, Sweet Home Hotel, something more than a sweet home, awaits to welcome you!


Sweet Home Hotel


In the heart of Athens, between the Acropolis and Monastiraki.



It’s the oldest and most scenic neighborhood of Athens with stone-paved alleys, chapels, hamam, small tavernas and the first University of independent Greece. Υοu may see historic buildings and archaeological sites among bougainvilleas and jasmines, in the “neighborhood of the gods”.



It is one of the oldest districts in Athens with small tavernas, breweries, cafes, antique shops and neoclassical buildings as well. Urban art is so evident everywhere as many graffiti artists has made Psirri their canvas.

Temple of Olympian Zeus


Just 700 meters south of Syntagma Square, the foundations of the temple date from the time of the tyrant Pisistratus in 515 BC. Its columns have inspired the development of the Corinthian style.

Ancient Agora of Athens


The archaeological site and museum of Ancient Agora is located to the northwest of Acropolis, between the hills of Areos Pagus and Kolonos Agoraios. It is considered to be the navel of ancient Athens according to the buildings, monuments and objects that are found here.

Lycabettus Hill


It is considered to be the balcony of Athens. Lycabettus Hill, just opposite Acropolis, is the second highest point in Athens with an altitude of 277m. Apart from the unique view, you can find there Agios Georgios (St. George) chapel, verdant paths, springs and even caves.

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